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Arabic Art

Arabic Art is an Islamic art website and we create Arabic calligraphic art which is traditional with a modern touch to it. Our products are fresh, contemporary and have a mix of different colors.

We provide art for all occasions, be it Eid, birth of a child or simply if you want to gift a Muslim brother or sister with something. We have an extensive background in graphic design and we’ve worked with many Arabic portfolios and clients.

Our products include bespoke designed personalized names, with is an ideal gift to be given on the birth of a child or as a gift on Eid, or birthdays. We make cards for Eid and other occasions and they are adequately priced to be given to a loved one.

If you are a person of your own whim, we will make personalized merchandise for you as well, you can select a background and then you can have whatever you want printed. An excellent thing to give or to decorate your homes with.

Our posters contain verses from the Holy Quran as well as the 99 names of Allah and even the Kalimah, which will look good on your walls and bring blessings with them or you can gift it to a Muslim brother or sister and share the blessings with them as well.

We provide all our calligraphic products in different types of calligraphic art, some of which are the Naskh Script, Farsi Scripts and the Diwani Script. You can study the differences in our “Arabic Types” tab and choose how you want your product to be written.

We assure you we will provide you the best and most beautiful Quranic verses, names of Allah or bespoke names without any errors. So the next time you think about buying something for your house, or are confused about what type of gift you should give, then keep Arabic Art in mind.